• is a powerful, healing tool for helping people through many life situations and experiences, providing a confidential and safe space for you to talk about:

– struggles or challenges
– unresolved issues or hurts
– unhelpful or outdated behaviour patterns
– suffering

  • is a space where you can explore your desired changes, options and aspirations;
  • offers you opportunities to develop a greater understanding of yourself, make meaning of your life and your belonging, thus bringing about increased  life quality;
  • can assist you with building resilience and with gaining new skills and resources, different tools and constructive frameworks.

Affirming Approach

In my role as counsellor, my approach is to be affirming. I work alongside you on the issues you bring to counselling, so that the choices you make enrich rather than limit you.

For more than 38 years I have assisted individuals, couples and families to make important changes in themselves and in their lives. I have worked as a counsellor with women and men, old and young, of many nationalities, cultures and belief systems, and differing sexual orientations.

For those whose first language is German, I provide counselling in German.

I offer an eclectic and varied range of modalities in order to best meet your specific requirements. My counselling experience has taught me that the relationship between counsellor and client is of even greater importance than the style of therapy. I have found that most people feel comfortable and safe with a relational and interpersonal approach.

I value each person’s uniqueness and respond in an individual way to your circumstances, and I am passionate about accompanying you on your path towards healing.

I have a particular interest in including and encouraging the healing potential of the physical self (the body) where appropriate. Physical symptoms can offer important clues about deep underlying life themes and/or generational patterns of entanglement.

I hold great value in establishing a body/mind/heart connection for inner balance.

One of my strengths is to provide strong, solid support  and safety when we attend to very difficult emotional issues, secrets or abuse experiences.

I am a Member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC). As a qualified counsellor I work within the guidelines set out by the NZAC, and am bound by their Code of Ethics. Committed to ongoing professional development, I keep up-to-date with new findings and maintain a high level of professionalism that includes regular supervision.

As a DAPAANZ accredited supervisor and member, I abide by the association’s Code of Ethics.

Practice Locations

There are two locations from which I provide my counselling. 


In a beautiful setting at the foot of the Waitakeres where I hope you will feel comfortable and safe. (See above)

And in Ponsonby at 2 Picton Street.

(Click here for maps.)

Supervision for professionals

Alongside my private practice, I work with government-funded health service providers, community agencies, specialist treatment and rehabilitation services.

I provide supervision for counsellors, trainees, group facilitators and agency teams. I welcome any enquiries about professional supervision.

I work relationally and come from a strengths-based model, using an integrative approach from different modalities, including:  Person-Centered Therapy; Creative Therapy including Sandtray; Trauma Recovery Theory; Conflict Resolution; Transpersonal Therapy; Systemic Family Constellation Therapy; Attachment Theory; Psychodrama Action Methods; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy; and Psycho-Education.

You are welcome to contact me by phone or email to make an initial appointment or to discuss your particular situation and requirements:

Phone: (09) 817 7131
Mobile: 027 630 9600


When giving and receiving are in balance,
people are connected,
love flows between them,
and there is harmony and peace.

I work from the belief that
beneath our differences we
human beings are interconnected,
we share fundamental experiences
and central concepts.
The human heart, creativity and
suffering are universal and we all
long to live our lives with
meaning and dignity.

Working at your pace,  I aim to
bring clarity, creativity and
mindfulness to our work together,
coupled with warmth,
humour and maturity.

Working intuitively and also drawing
on my knowledge and wide experience,
I am able to offer fresh insights
in a supportive way while checking
if it fits and resonates with you.

I am passionate about discovering
-together with you –
what your life means to you,
your potential and
unrealised possibilities.